Susan Deliss principally designs and deals in textiles but does some interior decoration, for clients and in her own homes.  Some examples of Susan’s work are below. Susan is on House & Garden's list of 100 Top residential interior decorators.

For interior design projects, Susan's approach and style are best summed up by one of her clients:

"Susan’s approach is to listen to the client and listen to the house and then bring the space alive using a sophisticated and nuanced combination of colour, pattern and design. Her approach is to avoid design clichés, and trends, but to make each home feel unique to its owner; to imbibe the house with a feeling of history and personality – one that doesn’t shout but whispers.  With her mix of antique and new textiles, traditional and irreverent use of wallpapers and paints, and globally-sourced furniture and objects – rarely sourced from the usual channels, but from her extensive travels  - Susan helps her clients see a house’s potential in a new way without them having to let go of their own story."​

Susan works in a very collaborative way with clients so that their homes reflect them and their interests by combining their existing art, furniture and antiques and sourcing or advising on new acquisitions.