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Susan Deliss has long been interested in environmental protection. Visiting Germany and The Netherlands over 30 years ago, she was struck by the presence of separate bins for normal and recyclable waste and since then has sought to minimise and recycle waste.


At every stage of her business, Susan seeks to minimise her footprint. Susan Deliss's products and interiors are not the interiors equivalent of fast fashion. They are designed with care and to age well.


Many of Susan's accessories are old or antique, either in their original form or reworked by Susan. Fabric samples are made up into sale cushions and smaller pieces are donated to local schools or donated to charity for textiles recycling. Susan buys cardboard boxes made of recycled materials and recycles as many boxes and as much packaging as possible. She uses recycled cardboard rolls for her fabrics. Ink cartridges, elastic bands and paper are recycled and/or reused were possible.


Although Susan's fabrics sometimes contain cotton, she uses as little as possible as although it's a natural material, it is very water intensive to produce. Taps are never left running and lights are switched off when not immediately in use.


Susan reuses plastic over and over again in-house but does use a layer of plastic to package goods when shipping them. Her team have investigated using potato starch packaging but this apparently only biodegrades in very specific conditions. Susan would welcome any suggestions about viable alternatives and remains acutely aware of the need to treat the environment as a precious and not infinite resource.

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