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Each house and it's setting and each owner is different, with different likes and dislikes and different priorities for the way they live. Susan's approach is highly versatile and she adapts her work to each of these parameters, to the final result works for the client when Susan's job is done. Equally, Susan doesn't want to be pigeon-holed into working in one colour palette or style of house.  

This New England Modern Country House is a new build in Boston's North Shore, near America's oldest country club, Myopia. The clients had lived in the UK and wanted the house to reflect some British influence.  Susan felt strongly that the interior had also to marry with the beautiful New England landscape in which the house sits and to have architectural features characteristic of that area. 

The house is open plan so Susan repeated subtle architectural devices throughout the house to define smarter vs. more functional areas and colour and texture to define purpose.  The clients, unusually, were not acquisitive of accessories, so the house is quite sparse in some ways without in any way being minimalist. Much of the work was done during Covid, so was very challenging.  Susan's brief was happy colours and unfussy. Susan included lots of small details to make people smile, as the clients wanted some humour. Soane pawprint lampshades in the corridor that the dogs use, tiles hand painted with Norwich terriers, which the owner collects, and so on.  

The clients are thrilled with the house, which is much admired by all who visit it.

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