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Richly inspired by many fruitful trips to Aleppo, Cairo, Genoa, Naples, Damascus and Fez, it now seems inevitable that in 2011 Susan would leave her career in finance and forge her lifelong passion for textiles and commitment to craftmanship into a way of life.  Susan has lived and studied and worked in Scotland, Venice, Rome, Belgium, France and the USA.  She has a lifelong interest in stories and travels and crossings of cultures and continents that now completely underpin her work. She absorbs visual influences wherever she goes and travels and accumulates reference books and reads widely.  A mosque or a museum or a church or a beautiful home are always on Susan's itinerary.  Unsurprisingly, her work is sophisticated and highly considered.   


Warmth and comfort are core to Susan's work. The hospitable offering of chai and sweet Turkish coffee and the breaking of bread together at meals on holidays and textile buying trips filter through Susan's mind always, whether she is designing an interior or a fabric.  Susan distills all these influences in a highly original and thoughtful way to help turn spaces into highly personal homes that people love and feel comfortable and at peace in.


Whilst strengthening relationships with both clients and workshops, Susan spends much of her time delving deeper into her creative imagination, seeking new ways of telling her creative story. 


The mission of Susan's business and of her small and wonderful team is to create and share unique and beautiful textiles and accessories, created by close collaborations between Susan herself and the best craftspeople in the UK and abroad, with a rapidly growing clientele.  Susan and her team are committed to providing a service that is warm and personable and consistent with the lovely memories that Susan has of the way she buys things to sell and for her own home.  Susan is hugely committed to her business being run in an environmentally responsible way and she and her team and suppliers make significant efforts to implement this.

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