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Richly inspired by many fruitful trips to Aleppo, Cairo, Genoa, Naples, Damascus and Fez, it was only question of time before Susan decided to leave her career in finance and turn a lifelong passion for textiles into a commitment to craftmanship. 


Working closely with highly specialist workshops, principally in England, Susan Deliss is dedicated to creating beautiful designs, inspired by her travels and the antiques she has collected along the way. The success of Susan's business, in her eyes, is in helping to turn spaces into homes; to provide a sanctuary where comfort and joyfulness are matched in harmony. 


We are proud to work with highly regarded Interior Designers around the world whose expertise show no boundaries in the many beautiful and innovative ways in which they use Susan’s products. Sharing in this creativity gives Susan immense joy. 


Whilst strengthening relationships with both clients and workshops, Susan spends much of her time delving deeper into her creative imagination, seeking new ways of telling her creative story. 

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